Reviews Where Art Thou?

I will have a new book out soon called “One Mistake”. I think you will enjoy it. Let me tell you a little about it, and why I wrote it.

One Mistake was one of those interesting little stories that come along in the middle of the night. I have found myself wrestling with it for many nights and many days. Finally, it was born, it was a beauty.

The story is something I picked up over the years. Every criminal makes one mistake to get caught. Every mastermind makes a failure. Moriaty, The guys on Kojak, and even the ones Sam Waterstone picks up on Law and Order… They all make ONE big mistake that does not let them pass go, does not let them collect $200 and sends them directly to jail.

When a man pitches the perfect crime to the jury of his mind- it seems perfect. It seems like he will get his way and his wife will be dead. HE will have committed the perfect crime.

Does he succeed? Well the book will be out soon… Contact me if you would like to review it!

I can’t wait to see what you guys have to say…


One thought on “Reviews Where Art Thou?

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