RIP Mike Mauss…. You Will Be Missed…

Mike Mauss was the author of a book called the “Unemployed Guys Guide to Unemployment”. Now, I guess, it’s a fact of life that we all die… Even an Ox has to die sometimes… But, when Terry Irving announced the death of his pseudonym… The world was shocked! Nobody suspected that the irrepressible Mr Mauss was in fact Terry Irving. I caught Terry for a quick chat during a break from writing his latest book. The book will be called “Warrior” and will be his best yet… He has already sold it to a publisher- so that tells me it’s going to be one helluva read!

Terry explains that Mike Mauss was a combination of the names of his beloved pets.

Q) What made you kill Mike Mauss, Terry?

A) Mike was a nice guy–although he did smoke cigars all the time, and not good ones but the ends of other people’s he’d pick up off the street. Despite that, he was good enough company and you need someone to hand with when you’re writing.

Q) You meant to kill him off? Surely, it wasn’t premeditated?

A) Not premeditated as such. I want to be as honest as possible. He had it coming. He was supposed to be building sales and instead he was out back in the hammock. I couldn’t get him to blog. I couldn’t get him to write agents. I couldn’t get him to do anything. Eventually, it began to eat away at me.

Q) Do you think all writers should consider killing their pseudonym at some point?

A) I don’t really know. John Le Carre has done fairly well.You’d think he’d get killed sooner than anyone. with all that spy stuff going on, and of course, Isaac Asimov could never have sold the Harry Potter series under his own name. He needed to be a woman, and don’t even let me start on George Sand….

Q) Was it tense living with Mike Mauss?

A) When you’re trying to sell a book about being unemployed and broke and you’re sponging off another writer. Well, the tension just keeps rising like a piano wire wrapped around a neck. tightening and tightening…

Q) Would you ever create another Mike?

A) what? Oh another guy? I’ve been considering trying a woman’s name and writing some of that paranormal romance. I’m not sure, thought. the women writers do sex so much better. I’d probably have a heart attack. I’m not sure a man would be allowed to write any of that stuff. I guess I could try Mousey Mikelson? Mouche de Mike? Mouse Le Chien?

Q) How about creating an erotica writer?

A) Michaela von Mauss? That could be cool but I’d have to write while taking a cold shower. Probably be hard on the laptop!!

Four time Emmy-award winning TV journalist Terry Irving has a new book out currently. The book is called “Full Circle” and tells of Terrys early life in the heady world of the early 70’s. Check it out now!


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