I Grill The Griller…

Chris1Maybe I should tell you a little about Nick. He cut his teeth in the harsh world of “Independent Publishing,” the world where the many release their books to the few. Ask him about his first hit and he will tell you about Terry Irving. Ask him about his home life and he will tell you about his girlfriend Lori. Ask him about the world of books and you will hire him. He has ideas that many people wouldn’t even think of.

It was a hot summer day, not a bad cloud in sight. Nick is an ardent believer in the Law of Attraction (LOA) and you will always find him sitting, thinking about his next move. Disturb the peace at your own peril. Looking like a country boy, he is at home in t-shirts and jeans. His hair always short and his accent very English. Let’s go take our lives in our hands and disturb his peace and quiet…

Q) Hey, Nick, what’s new with you?

A) Hola Chris. How goes my buddy, the bestseller?

Q) Pretty good! Okay, so I have been up all night racking my brains to think of things to ask you. You started as an interviewer right?

A) I did. I was a pretty green kid actually, asking questions that I thought were pretty clever. The fact is, I didn’t get really good until the first time an author got mad at me.

Q) What happened?

A) I asked him questions he didn’t like and he got so mad he left. I decided from that moment on, that you didn’t need to ask the most invasive questions to get results. You just needed to get your interviewee on side and find out what makes them tick.

Q) Did you always want to interview people for a living?

A) Hell, no! I loved it– but I didn’t want that career forever. I still enjoy it from time to time. Sometimes, I feel like returning to it, but that won’t happen.

Q) What is Hot Books?

A) Chris, Hot Books is a way of thinking. It’s a new idea I had to help move books. We list them and then buy a continual Facebook ad to keep the customers coming. They see a book they like, they buy it, and the page grows as writers come along and ask for their books to be added to the page. It’s a way of putting a lot of product out there without spending thousands on advertising. One page, one advert and one cost.

Q) Now, I have read somewhere that you have never worked with a flop? Is that true?

A) It’s a lie. I have worked with a flop. A book I once worked with was so bad it didn’t sell a single copy. I couldn’t get anyone to review it. I guess that’s what happens when an author writes a book about pubic hair.

Q) Why did you take it on?

A) Because I thought it might take off. I thought it could be a novelty– it wasn’t. It was an attempt to write something that would become a modern classic and frankly, it was so bad, the author eventually gave up trying to sell it. I think he wrote a straight-forward murder mystery next. I wasn’t asked to promote that one. I think my opinion of his ode to pubic hair pissed him off.

Q) How would you describe yourself?

A) Smart, intelligent, handsome… Nah, I guess I would describe myself as a modern day baby-boomer.

Q) You believe in the ethics of the baby boomers?

A) I think it worked at the time– that was probably the most productive time humans have seen in recent years. The recent move towards welfare dependency is rather scary, but I don’t talk politics.

Q) Why is that?

A) Because my job is to talk about books, writers, the great things people are putting down on paper. Nothing in my job description gives me the right to sanctimoniously rant about politics to people who want to hear about books.

Q) Do you believe other artists and promoters should feel the same way?

A) Not at all. Feel free to do whatever you want! Just don’t ask me to give my political opinion during an interview.

Q) So, what is different about your approach to the promotion of writers?

A) I believe that all books can potentially make money. I believe that all writers have the right to make a living from their books and my whole ethos is promotion for fair prices. I started Novel Ideas to work with independent authors who couldn’t get on the big rollercoaster called the “PR MONSTER.” You know, the ones who couldn’t afford the big guns to come out and spread the word about their books. The way my approach differs is simple– I do the leg work and appeal to the people who read books. I use the tools we all have–the internet–and I make sure everyone knows that the book exists without flooding the world and driving everyone mad.

Q) Do you think you are the future of PR?

A) No, I actually think I have more in common with the past. The way the record companies worked in the 50s and 60s. Back then, you knew a record was good if you could hear it endlessly without getting sick of it. I have the same approach. I take a writer’s work, and I submit it to the public in a way that they take without thinking “oh GOD NOT AGAIN”.

Q) Do you think many writers over-promote their work?

A) Yes, almost certainly! I think there are already so many books on the market and then people go crazy promoting their books and soon the whole market becomes so. People just walk away and look for new places to spend their money. It is so easy for a writer to scare away readers.

Q) Of all your interviews, which was your favorite?

A) I can’t choose a favourite, per se. I think my favourites have been the interviews I have done with guys like Boyd Lemon, Mike Trahan, Mike Walsh and Gordon Osmond. I also really enjoyed the interviews I have done with writers like Joseph Langan and Greg Eddolls. My first big interview was with Terry Irving. I am very proud of my body of work.

Q) Have you ever had a difficult interview? How do you deal with that?

A) Sometimes, you get people who don’t really know what to say. When that happens, you just have to go along with it and play it by ear. I think a good interview takes chemistry and to get chemistry you have to spend time building up a rapport. Take a guy like Mike Trahan– If you walk in there and try to shark him, he will kick your ass out of that interview quicker than a flash. You have to know what to ask and how. The boundaries are set by the interviewee, and if you want to be experimental, don’t do it with someone who is likely to dislike being experimented on.

Q) What would you class as experimental?

A) Again, politics is the number one NO during a general interview. Do not start a political flame war. Do not threaten the interviewee. Keep things above board and do not ask things that you would not like to be asked. You are not David Frost– therefore, do not pretend to be.

Q) What do you think of David Frost and his famous interviews with Richard Nixon?

A) There you go trying to be experimental.

Q) Is it true that you broke all attendance records on the weekly book webinar?

A) Yes, I did… But that was some time ago, now. I think that record must have been broken by now.

Q) What did you think of the interviews you have attended on that show?

A) Angie (Harris) is one of the most interesting interviewers I have ever come across. She has this way of putting people at ease. I think Gordon (Osmond) is crucial to the success of the show because he has such a literary knowledge. I think most writers would feel happy to be on that show. Lori (Nick’s fiancee) and I attend all the time.

Q) So, what is next for you?

A) Well, currently, we have highly-placed books with Terry Irving and J.W. Northrup. I think Ellen Mae Franklin is a forthcoming bestseller and we should find out where her book is headed over the next few weeks. My money, however, is on Mike Trahan. His E-book just came out and I think it might just be the biggest hit Novel Ideas has ever worked with.

Q) Thank you for your time, Nick!

A) Not a problem, Christopher.

You can find Nick Wale at his website right here!

We got Nick to take a photo for us… He gives us the mean cell phone look…


RIP Mike Mauss…. You Will Be Missed…

Mike Mauss was the author of a book called the “Unemployed Guys Guide to Unemployment”. Now, I guess, it’s a fact of life that we all die… Even an Ox has to die sometimes… But, when Terry Irving announced the death of his pseudonym… The world was shocked! Nobody suspected that the irrepressible Mr Mauss was in fact Terry Irving. I caught Terry for a quick chat during a break from writing his latest book. The book will be called “Warrior” and will be his best yet… He has already sold it to a publisher- so that tells me it’s going to be one helluva read!

Terry explains that Mike Mauss was a combination of the names of his beloved pets.

Q) What made you kill Mike Mauss, Terry?

A) Mike was a nice guy–although he did smoke cigars all the time, and not good ones but the ends of other people’s he’d pick up off the street. Despite that, he was good enough company and you need someone to hand with when you’re writing.

Q) You meant to kill him off? Surely, it wasn’t premeditated?

A) Not premeditated as such. I want to be as honest as possible. He had it coming. He was supposed to be building sales and instead he was out back in the hammock. I couldn’t get him to blog. I couldn’t get him to write agents. I couldn’t get him to do anything. Eventually, it began to eat away at me.

Q) Do you think all writers should consider killing their pseudonym at some point?

A) I don’t really know. John Le Carre has done fairly well.You’d think he’d get killed sooner than anyone. with all that spy stuff going on, and of course, Isaac Asimov could never have sold the Harry Potter series under his own name. He needed to be a woman, and don’t even let me start on George Sand….

Q) Was it tense living with Mike Mauss?

A) When you’re trying to sell a book about being unemployed and broke and you’re sponging off another writer. Well, the tension just keeps rising like a piano wire wrapped around a neck. tightening and tightening…

Q) Would you ever create another Mike?

A) what? Oh another guy? I’ve been considering trying a woman’s name and writing some of that paranormal romance. I’m not sure, thought. the women writers do sex so much better. I’d probably have a heart attack. I’m not sure a man would be allowed to write any of that stuff. I guess I could try Mousey Mikelson? Mouche de Mike? Mouse Le Chien?

Q) How about creating an erotica writer?

A) Michaela von Mauss? That could be cool but I’d have to write while taking a cold shower. Probably be hard on the laptop!!

Four time Emmy-award winning TV journalist Terry Irving has a new book out currently. The book is called “Full Circle” and tells of Terrys early life in the heady world of the early 70’s. Check it out now!

Keys Hits The Top Ten!




Nick Wale just posted a great article about my latest top ten book! My LATEST! I don’t think I have ever broken the top ten before- although I think my three paid books got pretty close! Nick Wale is one of the most progressive backers of self-published writers and I think he is pretty amazed at my success too! We interviewed recently, and he expected “One Mistake” to be the biggie!




The new Chris Keys release entitled “Chris’s Quotes” has hit the top ten on the free kindle chart. When asked about his success Chris released the following statement:

I have been honored with many things during my long and varied career- but I am not sure I have ever been in the Amazon top ten… I woke up today to find my book in the bestsellers ranks. Thank to all the people who bought my book, and I hope you enjoyed it.”


Get your copy of “Chris’s Quotes” now!




Big words from a big-time interviewer and reviewer!


Okay, friends please go and get a copy of my new FREE kindle only e-book! It’s free and I think you will love it! You can find it here!




Free! Totally Free!

Hi Friends,

I have a brand new E-book coming out later today!

The book will be filled with quotes from my career and asides, poems and other beauties that I wanted to share!

Now, I know there’s a recession on, so I wanted to give this one away.

My publisher said I was nuts!

My agent said I was nuts!

I said that I wanted to give something back to you all. My readers come first always.

The book has been professionally proof-read with no expense spared. It has been compiled to give you an overview of my career as a politician and as a writer. I really hope you all enjoy it!

Best wishes,

Chris Keys


Charity Wins The Day!

Friends and fellow Americans:

I am currently running a fundraiser to try and get some of my work edited. I recently read a book about retirement by a very wonderful and gifted writer called Boyd Lemon. I wish I had used some of his retirement tips! Still, I can’t complain… I am on a fixed income… It just happens to be so fixed that I can’t pull money together for editing.

I wanted to write a blog article and thank everyone who has donated and to ask you to keep spreading the word to friends and neighbours.

Anyway friends- I can’t wait to see the release of my new book called “One Mistake.” I started a small business to pay for the editing of that one- maybe with the help of this fundraiser I can do that again.

Check out my fundraiser here if you have the time!

Best wishes,



I Write….


I write and write and write again


Only to start all over again


The words they flow


Each one perfectly so


It’s blood, sweat and tears


Over way too deeply rooted fears


Not smart enough


Not witty enough


Not educated


Poorly punctuated



The challenge is such


It’s almost my life’s crutch


I run and I hide


From life’s stress inside


Each jot and each twittle


The stories shape I whittle


With each pen stroke


A new thought I provoke


With facts stranger than fiction


I write each story with stunning conviction



Then as I print, the truth it unfolds


The mush of their minds, I seek to mold


The story I’ve told


Of the righteous and the bold


Should lead the world to action


If only the book would gain traction


For try I might


At the end of each night


No matter how elegant it’s been said


Not a single word seems to have been read.


I write and write and write again


Only to start all over again.



Reviews Where Art Thou?

I will have a new book out soon called “One Mistake”. I think you will enjoy it. Let me tell you a little about it, and why I wrote it.

One Mistake was one of those interesting little stories that come along in the middle of the night. I have found myself wrestling with it for many nights and many days. Finally, it was born, it was a beauty.

The story is something I picked up over the years. Every criminal makes one mistake to get caught. Every mastermind makes a failure. Moriaty, The guys on Kojak, and even the ones Sam Waterstone picks up on Law and Order… They all make ONE big mistake that does not let them pass go, does not let them collect $200 and sends them directly to jail.

When a man pitches the perfect crime to the jury of his mind- it seems perfect. It seems like he will get his way and his wife will be dead. HE will have committed the perfect crime.

Does he succeed? Well the book will be out soon… Contact me if you would like to review it!

I can’t wait to see what you guys have to say…