Apollo Road is an interesting book. Chris Keys is an interesting writer. I think the most important part of any book is plot. This book has more plot than it knows what to do with. I started reading this book one morning and by the evening I found, that I was hooked, I was totally transfixed by this one.

Chris as a writer is not a man who wastes words. He researches and makes every level of the book work. If he uses something in the plot, you can be sure, he has researched it fully. I think his strength lies in that ability. He is such an organised (or for Americans organized) writer.

Okay, let me talk about plot for a few. Chris has written a book that may well be one of the most, do I dare say it? One of the most frightening books you can read. What happens if a deranged nutcase became your best friend? Do I need to say more? Well, yes… I do… What happens if a deranged nutcase becomes your best friend and sucks you into their work?

Summed up- Keys writes winning stories for readers who want to be entertained, and this one is his biggest winner yet. An excellent story that I cannot fault.

Need say no more. Chris says everything in this book…. Go read it!


Chris Keys has written another great book. Chris has authored a dozen or so books over the past few years and they have all been well received by the public. One by One, however, may just be the best of the bunch.

The storyline is led by a man who seeks revenge. This is a rather jaded subject and some of you may be groaning and rolling your eyes; but, I assure you, this isn’t Death Wish, okay? This is actually a very interesting yarn about a boy who was almost beaten to death by a gang racked with boredom. The book deals with the fact that we have gangs on our streets today, and they do things because they have nothing better to do. This is a social statement. We have criminals who go out and commit crimes through boredom, and I think Keys may be the first one to actually deal with this problem in this way. However, he also has a character who actually takes things into his own hands and deals with his attackers years later on his own terms.

Stylistically, this book is going to blow you away. Keys writes with a gripping writing style, and he does make it very easy for a reader to get into the minds of his characters. He is a man who writes for the public and not to please the higher thinking society of readers. This is the kind of book you pick up in an airport and read on that tedious flight to Los Angeles or… Detroit…

That said, Chris does use the same words over at times and he does need to broaden his word usage. He tends to describe similar scenes the same way… BUT that actually adds to the story because you become so engrossed by his writing style.

Overall, this is a rollicking good read. Check out One by One if you want to stare into the mind of a man hell-bent on revenge!


I liked Chris Keys book – Eagle’s Gauntlet – on three different levels. That’s why I gave it 5 stars.

First as a military thriller, his descriptions of weapons and tactics shown in the book are complete and accurate. He’s done his homework. The battle scenes are gripping and realistic. This is not easy to do. As a thriller writer, the author must project the action in the reader’s mind.

The second level of the book presents the reader with a very plausible and frightening scenario of what a second Obama term will look like with the support of a Democrat controlled congress. If you want to see how a President, unleashed from any restraint will act, then study this book closely.

Finally, the wish of every patriotic American is to find a counter balance to the political corruption described in this book. We hope it will be of a political nature but if all else fails….

Read the book. See for yourself. It’s only the beginning.


Reprisal! The Eagle Rises! is a hold-on-to-your-seat action thriller from beginning to end. Politics, terrorism and personal ambition creates a toxic mixture that will have the reader lost deep within the action, wondering how things can get worse for the good guys. If you’re looking for a page-turner you can’t put down, author Chris Keys has one right here




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